More than just a Staffing Platform

Collaborative Crowd is more than just a staffing platform

Unlike Elance, 99Designs, Freelancer and oDesk, Collaborative Crowd will offer an array of online products and services that will help freelancers and business owners manage projects, communicate effectively, schedule face-to-face meetings and thrive locally.

Plus, it’s not just about work and money. Freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs and any other independent worker, may not always enjoy the lonely work environment to which they’ve become accustomed. Collaborative Crowd will provide the first online staffing platform that nurtures and supports true teamwork relationships. Collaboration will always generate more success than competition and we look forward to watching communities everywhere embrace this concept.

So, there’s more value to Collaborative Crowd than you thought, right? Isn’t it exciting? Please Share your thoughts with us, we want to know what you think.