The Freelance Advantage

The Collaborative Freelance Advantage

Whatever they can do, we can do better!



Hiring freelancers eliminates overhead. Most independent marketing professionals work from home or a small office location. They do not carry the costs of running a large, multi-staffed office. Freelancers act as their own project manager, accountant, sales rep and more. Really they’re superheroes and they save their clients money because of it.


A whole team of superheroes? Of course they can get things done faster, for less and reduce the work load of their client. Working with a team of people that have agreed to collaborate eliminates the need for a business owner to play the go-between. No more emailing graphic files from one creative professional to another, only to realize the file type isn’t¬†correct.¬†


Plus, creative freelancers are pretty awesome! You may find you have a lot more fun working with a team of entrepreneurial spirits instead of company staff.

Collaborative Crowd is coming soon! We know you can’t wait for all the benefits.